Interview with the designer: Ippolita

How was your passion for the world of fabrics born?

At school I chose a textile specialisation quite by chance. I realised my real passion for fabrics when I started working at Albini. I’ve now been working at the style department for twenty-six years and I’m not tired of it yet, in fact I really cannot imagine a better job than this.

The thing that I love and that amuses me the most is to imagine and make new fabrics, with innovative blends or more feminine aspects, different from all those created in the menswear collections so far.

If I had to create a fabric that bears my name it would be full-bodied, simple but impactful

Where do you take inspiration from to create a new collection?

Undoubtedly the analysis of the fashion shows is the starting point. Also, during my research trips, I often find interesting ideas, even in small vintage shops. However I think the best inspirations come from our historical archives: when I browse through those ancient volumes, I realise that there is nothing left to invent, but always so much to reinterpret in a modern way.

What do you dream for Albini donna?

I have a beautiful dream for Albini donna: I would like it to become a point of reference for women’s clothing. There is still much to do, but the whole team of Albini donna and me love challenges and we put all of our heart into this project.