Autumn Winter 2025-26

Cosmic Breeze

A cosmic breeze, an intergalactic journey to the edge of space: the new Albini Donna collection explores the hues of the planets, the shimmer of the stars, and the pure white of the moon. White and blue are the focus, a sophisticated pairing which creates interplays of light and dark, in an infinite sky waiting to be discovered.

Saturn, the most famous and recognisable planet thanks to its iconic rings, has inspired the stripes in different shades and widths seen on the fabric in the collection.

The surface of the moon, with its craters and peaks, was the starting point for the special finishes of the collection: textural effects and unique handles create unexpected and elegant movement.

An ode to cosmic perfection and the stars which illuminate the night sky, giving life to constellations and spectacular lights, is conveyed in the fabrics made from different types of yarn, such as lurex.