Special Yarns

Not only cotton

For the most experimental part of the collection, the traditional cotton and linen of Albini donna are enriched with special yarns such as TENCEL MICRO®, silk, Lurex, bouclé, chenille, botton yarns and many others, thus creating fabrics which are original and surprising.

In the winter, warm fabrics, such as flannels, have been made bright by the insertion of pearlescent yarns, or the fine chenille of cotton with a velvet effect.
For summer on the other hand, there are lightweight blends of cotton/cupro, cotton/linen fabric, but also polyester/cotton, for an high-quality, two-fold and yarn dyed fabric, with an anti-bacterial treatment and comes in solid colours, but also fantasies with stripes and checks allowing the creation of pleats and crinkles with extraordinary results.

The desire to give movement to the fabrics is the basis of unusual creative choices, such as the inserting of elastic threads on flannel bases to give a seersucker effect (naturally wrinkled), or a botton yarn that makes the traditional cotton three-dimensional, or even yarns that contain small silver or golden flakes for an elegant effect.

A dynamic woman is a free woman

Experimentation and precious raw materials, combine with unmatched expertise of spinning and weaving, allowing Albini donna to produce fabrics with special and unique yarns, such as bouclé, chenille, lurex and botton yarns, that give movement and three-dimensionality to the fabric.
The bouclé yarn is made up of a nylon core that gives strength around which are wrapped one or more cotton threads that create the characteristic small “rings”.
The chenille yarn is made of more threads of cotton twisted together. Thanks to the use of blades, the outer section of the yarn is cut, leaving the filaments free to form the characteristic fringed appearance of the chenille.
The botton yarn has small knots or balls embedded in the thread itself, called “bottons”, that give it an uneven appearance and that stand out from the fabric background.
The Lurex yarn has a shiny and metallic appearance and is obtained by twisting together synthetic fibers on which a layer of aluminum is vaporized.