Jacquard and Fil coupé

Always one step ahead

As a result of great research and experimentation, the jacquard and fil coupé fabrics of Albini donna give life to products of unparalleled uniqueness that create a new code of feminine elegance. Lightweight fabrics that impress and appeal with stunning colour combinations, the use of special blends with linen, TENCEL™ LYOCELL and cashmere, or the addition of special yarns such as chenille and lurex that further animate the fabrics with unexpected accents.

Large and colorful, the Albini donna jacquard give movement and three-dimensionality to the fabrics with eccentric and refined designs, ranging from micro to macro patterns, playing with colours, yarns, different and special blends in a completely unique and innovative way.

The tradition evolves

The fil coupé, a special weaving technique in which the binding threads are cut off, is used in an innovative way by Albini donna who leaves free the cut yarns. This shows once again the creativity and quality of the brand in proposing three-dimensional and original fabrics suitable for different occasions.

Thousands of interpretations

The Albini donna jacquard and fil coupé are the great protagonists of the interpretations of the most important fashion designers in the world who create unexpected and trendy pieces, drawing inspiration from the unique, refined, and always cutting-edge designs produced by the brand. From the gorgeous Albini donna’s fabrics, perfect for shirts, a multi-faceted stylist sees something more, perhaps a balloon skirt, a pleated dress, a flared trouser giving space to imagination and creativity.