Two worlds in one

The stripes, a great classic of men’s shirts, are recoloured with new inspirations, playing with the most feminine dimensions, weights and bases, where the password is in no doubt: versatility.
From the finest and most classic ones, now enlarged and enlivened, to the placed stripes, where the stylist’s interpretation and creativity make the difference in the creation of the final garment, the proposal of Albini donna ranges from monochrome to unusual combinations of colours that change seasonally in line with the most interesting trends.

The continuous research and creativity of Albini donna’s designers make it possible to create original and feminine collections, in which even a small addition of special fibres, strucures and exclusive crafts can give a different and unusual touch.

Versatility and comfort for a classy woman

For example, inserting TENCEL MICRO® for a more fluid touch, Lycra stretch yarns for a dynamic woman who seeks comfort or Natural Comfort with a cotton-feel touch that also helps the fit.

Natural comfort

The quality of the fabrics made in Natural Comfort begins with the choice of precious and 100% natural raw materials: cotton and linen, but also Tencel® and silk. The secret lies in an innovative treatment that modifies the fibre structure by creating spaces between one fibre and the other to give the fabric a natural elasticity without resorting to synthetic components. The result is a breathable and resistant fabric with brilliant colours, that retains its elasticity over time for a comfortable fit suitable for a dynamic and contemporary lifestyle.