Spring Summer 2025

Texture Studio

Albini Donna’s extensive research into special and innovative finishings, synonymous with commitment and experimentation, continues, expressed on summer base fabrics. Through innovative, playful combinations of different yarns and sophisticated weaves, the brand presents for S/S 2025 a series of fabrics with a very feminine, elegant and refined appeal, characterized by transparency and lightness.

The most avant-garde finishings in the collection are Paper, which gives the fabric a pleasant tactile feel of grazing the ancient pages of a manuscript, with its dry and dense touch, full of fascination; Glass which gives the fabric a soft and smooth hand, owing to the use of tiny crystals that caress and smooth its surface, offering a unique sensorial experience; Salt, which with its saline crystals resting gently on the surface of the fabric, is characterised by a dry texture, similar to a sea breeze caressing the skin;

Sakura, a tribute to the refinement of Japanese style, gives the fabric a soft, slick effect, reminiscent of the delicacy of cherry blossoms. Lastly, Wax, a light wax that embraces every fibre and provides a matt finish with a worn effect, allowing the fabric’s natural elegance to emerge.

The colour palette extends over two ranges – the sophisticated tones of pastel and dusty shades and the bolder, brighter colours such as red, cornflower blue and yellow – which are counterpoised with whites and off-whites, with multiple design possibilities ranging from stripes to coloured checks.