Chic modernity

From the cotton, timeless and versatile, to linen, fresh and in intense colours, to the stretch silk in delicate and feminine tones, to the soft TENCEL™ LYOCELL, which gives the garment an ever-refined look, the plain fabrics of Albini donna offer multiple proposals both piece dyed and yarn dyed. The precious yarn dyed, in which the individual threads in weft and warp are already dyed, allow to obtain a full and deep colour, and also guarantee a perfect stability in washing and use.

The continuous research of new uses, materials and blends, the use of cutting-edge weaving techniques and a strong focus on finishes give rise to quality fabrics that are rich in creativity, whilst remaining simple and versatile. Fabrics for a woman who loves colour, through which she interprets the season, pointing to a palette of always hyper-feminine and on-trend colours: from powdery to natural tones, to grey, pink, blue and navy in the summer, then the intense shades of yellow ochre, violet, rust, green and cornflower blue in the winter.

Fabrics for women, conceived and designed by women

Traditional bases such as cotton or linen are flanked by researched bases that are born from precious fibres such as TENCEL™ LYOCELL, silk, wool, cashmere, sometimes pure, sometimes offered in mixed blends. There are also special and creative finishes, such as Relax Formula for a unique and natural elasticity. A perfect synthesis of the traditional elegance of the most noble materials with the innovative and contemporary mark typical of Albini donna.

Innovative blends

ICA Yarns is an Albini Group company wholly dedicated to yarn production which is committed to continuous research and development, from raw materials to yarn. Experimentation and unparalleled spinning and weaving expertise make it possible to create beautiful fabrics with particularly innovative and high performance blends, enhancing the intrinsic characteristics of any raw material. The insertion of noble yarns such as silk and cashmere, natural yarns such as linen and wool or those more avant-garde, such as TENCEL™ Lyocell, give the fabrics special touches and particular aspects, sometimes more lustrous and silky, sometimes warm and heavier weights.