Essential elegance

Timeless wardrobe classics.

White fabrics are a tradition, the heritage of shirtmaking, which can never be missing in any women’s wardrobe. The quality of the yarns, of the different raw materials used, weights, handles and of the innovative finishes allow Albini donna to create a wide and varied offer.
Starting with the concept of the shirt, this evolves once it has arrived in the hands of the world’s most expert fashion designers to create dresses, trousers and skirts designed for a dynamic, elegant and contemporary woman.

Drawing a kind of path on individual fabrics, in which quality and performance make a difference, light weights such as voile and muslin, precious poplins, heavier linen and blends, dress the Albini woman for every occasion.
In addition to the classics, even special white fabrics, made of innovative materials and finishes, enter in the in the most essential wardrobe. So the natural elasticity of Relax Formula, the practicality of Journey, the fluidity of TENCEL™ LYOCELL enrich and animate the whites of Albini donna.

A white shirt is forever

With regard to raw materials, the proposal starts with a white par excellence made with the silky and brilliant Egyptian cotton Giza 87, continues on with the whitest and resistant Californian cotton Supima Corcoran, passes for the natural TENCEL™ LYOCELL that gives comfort and freshness to those who wear it, arriving to the elegant and sustainable linen of Normandy.

The Stretch

The stretch fabrics reveal an elasticity that does not change over time and that fits the body, allowing uncompromising freedom of movement. By inserting in the weft a yarn of elastomer covered with cotton, they guarantee a perfect fit and high comfort on the skin for a dynamic and contemporary woman. Albini also makes a very special finishing on the white stretch fabrics: a double enhancement that makes the white even brighter and keeps it shiny even after several washings.