Spring Summer 2022

The Balance of Opposites

The Inspiration

The rediscovery of manual skills to free our creativity. This is the inspiration for the Albini Donna Spring / Summer 2022 collection, which is a real tribute to the amateur, the one who approaches the world with love, purity and curiosity.

The collection is centred around two colour palettes, which complement and enhance each other by developing themselves on different natural and eco-friendly materials, where opposites create a perfectly harmonious balance.

Playful Attitude

Fabrics with a lively, fresh and vibrant mood characterized by bright and brilliant colours. The idea of the hand-made and home crafts shines through from designs that recall stencilling and collages, from prints that mimic brush strokes and from jacquards that seem embroidered.

Textural Effect

Fabrics featuring different original touches, from dry and organdie handles to more rustic ones, up to crinkle effects, in soft and natural tones. The contrast between different materials conveys dynamism and movement.

A collection with two different souls, one more lively and one more rustic, which together create a perfect balance of shapes, colours and materials. Two different interpretations of the Albini Donna style, arising from the same passion that drives the amateur.