Autumn Winter 2024-25 collection

The Albini Donna A/W 2024-25 collection is composed of two souls that blend harmoniously together. These casual and refined fabrics with a fluid look have made research and innovation their strengths.

Winter Garden

A sensory experience inspired by the touch of flower petals, reminiscent of soft, silky woven fabrics, inspires the collection.

Evocative names such as Tulipano (Tulip), Loto (Lotus), Bucaneve (Snowdrop), Gelso (Mulberry) and Felce (Fern) refer to ultra-light twill base fabric, in cotton, silk and TENCELTM Lyocell, interpreted in understated pastel shades or in the ever-refined nuances of black and white.

Special Touches

Great research was done into the most innovative finishings, to give fabrics the finest colour, hand and appearance, is the other focal point of the new Albini Donna collection. Because it is precisely due to the innovative and unusual finishings that the most traditional of base fabrics can be used to create an extremely special and stylish fabric.

Presenting Paper, the parchment-effect finishing with a dry and substantial touch reminiscent of paper; Salt, the dry hand effect derived from sea salt, which, remaining on the fabric, gives it a dry hand.

Glass, the finishing that gives the fabric a soft hand, created with a “microsand” of crystals that polishes the surface; Net, lthe natural crinkle effect obtained by knotting fabric with fishing nets; Sakura, Sakura, a finishing with a washed effect and a polished touch, inspired by Japanese style and finally Glossy, which, owing to a special resin, gives the fabric a “mirror” effect, shiny and long-lasting. State-of-the-art treatments that give each fabric nobility and uniqueness, with the Albini Donna signature.