White 2017, the white shirt on display

WHITE MAN & WOMAN chose Albini donna among the protagonists on display at Superstudio Più in Milan.

For the June 2017 edition, Albini donna is glad to accept Massimiliano Bizzi invitation, Founder of White Milano, who has asked the company from Bergamo to take their outstanding cotton fabrics for shirts to the trade show. The exhibition ‘White Essentials, Style and Material in the White Shirt’ – curated by Federico Poletti – is an emotional and sensorial narrative path that starts from the raw matter, the cotton seed, to become first flower and then flock to then turn into yarn and ultimately fabric.

The focus of the show is the colour white, chosen not only owing to the assonance with the name of the trade-fair, but also because this pure white textile represents the hardest challenge, thus allowing to illustrate the several facets of ‘white’ Albini donna can achieve. The white fabric becomes thus the main ingredient allowing creating items that are very different one from another, as the creations by the designers involved in the project will demonstrate.

Each designer has interpreted some of the countless white fabrics from the collections Albini donna, to give birth to hyper-creative and contemporary items, each with a style of its own. Among the selected brands: A-LAB Milano, Fabio Quaranta, Ports 1961, L A T by Lautaro Amadeo Tambutto, ShirtStudio di Alfredo Fabrizio e Vittorio Branchizio as well as two young newly graduates in Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano, who have recently joined Albini Group’s creative team and who, for the first time, have engaged in a style exercise involving a finished item.